The Palais du Pharo

When Prince-President Louis-Napoleon visited Marseille in 1852, he said liked the city a lot and wouldn’t mind staying. Eager to please its illustrious guest, the city gave the prince the Pharo headland where he went ahead and built this beautiful palace. And that was that, because he never even stayed there. The Empress later gave the place back to the city. Today it’s used as a conference centre. Visit for the tremendous views of the Old Port and the Chateau d’If. You can’t actually visit the building, but the grounds outside make for a nice stroll. The place is especially beautiful during the sunset – an absolutely magical picture.

►   Palais du Pharo
58 boulevard Charles Livon
13007 Marseille, France
Téléphone : 33 (0)4 91 14 64 95