Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the Weinstein Community,

We would like to welcome you from the 12th-14th May 2022 to the Weinstein Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration Conference in Marseilles, located between the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful Provence.

We are very proud and honored to host the conference for the first time in France in an old city founded around 600 BC and where Etienne-Louis Arthur Fallot described “la maladie bleu” for the first time in the nineteenth century.

Since 1995, when the first official Weinstein Conference took place in USA, it has become more and more attractive to attend for all of us working in the field of basic cardiac biology and pathophysiology of development. Seminal works have been presented and discussed over the years towards a better understanding of heart formation and congenital cardiac diseases. Our field of research has been moving fast for the last years with the emergence of new technologies including tissue clearing, single cell omics, spatial transcriptomics, high and super resolution microscopy, in vitro gastruloids and cardiac organoids.

2022 will be an even more special year for the conference as we could not meet in person since 2019. We regret not to have enjoyed what would have been a wonderful conference at Montreal and we sympathize with our Canadian friends Gregor Andelfinger and Ian Scott. Thanks to Debbie Yelon and colleagues on the Weinstein Committee, the conference has stayed alive through the exciting and popular Webinars.

We are now doing our best to fulfill our task as hosts and to provide you with an exciting scientific and a friendly social program.

Just to give you a flavor of the meeting, first, Robert Poelmann from Leiden (The Netherlands) will give a lecture in honor of Pr Adriana Gittenberger-De Groot. Pr Adriana Gittenberger-De Groot contributed so much throughout her rich career to our field of research and we are all missing her enthusiasm and insights.

Second, we are pleased to welcome two Keynote speakers Giacomo Cavalli from Montpellier (France), an expert in the epigenetics of organism development, and Alfonso Martinez Arias from Barcelona (Spain) an expert in gastrulation and pioneer of in vitro gastruloids.

The conference will be preceded on the Thursday morning by a choice between a hands-on session focused on congenital heart defects presented by Lucile Houyel and Monique Jongbloed, or a workshop on gastruloids, oragnised by Fabienne Lescroart.

The conference will be held in the Pharo Palace at the entrance to the Old Port in the centre of Marseille with views over the Mediterranean sea and the city. Our meeting banquet will be held in the palace and an opening reception in the adjacent Casa Delauze. A range of hotels are in easy access of the conference venue and all the bars and restaurants of Marseille on hand for extended discussions in the evenings.

We look forward to an exciting program thanks to talented young scientists who will once again share their research with our community and make the conference an exciting scientific time.

We hope to see you all soon in Marseilles,

Michel, Robert and Stéphane